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We believe that as humanitarian needs increase globally, there is an imperative to invest in thinking – independent, practitioner-led, cross-sector thinking – that asks the difficult questions and develops bold propositions. We know humanitarian actors in Asia and the Pacific have much to offer the global discourse. As a social enterprise we also fund independent and pro bono work.

Humanitarian Advisory Group provides a unique space for:

– Research

– Monitoring and evaluation

– Education and training

– Technical support


HAG has a strong track record in the area of independent research and supporting organisations with policy development. Together with our rigorous methodologies and network of scholars and practitioners, we ensure that our research is accessible, applicable and relevant. In undertaking our research we endeavour to include a national consultant and an internship wherever possible.

Profiled project: Going Local: Achieving a more appropriate and fit-for-purpose humanitarian ecosystem in the Pacific, Australian Red Cross

This report presents the findings of research conducted across the Pacific region in 2017 on the localisation of humanitarian action. Findings respond to the main research question “what would a successfully localised disaster management ecosystem in the Pacific look like, and what changes do Red Cross and the broader humanitarian system need to make to get there?”

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We have been involved in a wide range of evaluations including evaluating the effectiveness of humanitarian response operations; examining policy frameworks; and evaluating advocacy initiatives. Our expert knowledge of the international humanitarian system, it’s benchmarks and core humanitarian standards and principles, allows us to work from a foundation of best practice.

Profiled project: Humanitarian Assistance in the Pacific: An evaluation of the effectiveness of Australia’s response to Cyclone Pam

This evaluation reviewed Australia’s response to Cyclone Pam to identify how DFAT can better support Pacific countries to prepare for, respond to, and recover from rapid onset emergencies.

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Education and Training  

We develop and deliver training courses for a range of clients in order to strengthen capacity to prepare for and respond effectively to humanitarian emergencies, across for-profit and non-profit organisations. We also support organisations to learn from past and plan for future responses through facilitation of workshops, meetings and reflection events.

Profiled project: Technical and training support to the AHA Centre

Humanitarian Advisory Group, funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, provided technical and training support to the AHA Centre. This simulation, led by Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG), was the first externally facilitated exercise to involve the entire AHA Centre operational staff.

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Technical Support

Understanding your requirements and building effective client relationships is our way of ensuring we provide you with technical advice that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Our diverse experience, exposure to different country contexts and strategic relationships with trusted partners allows us to form a team that is best suited to your needs.

Profiled project: Caritas Australia and the CAN DO Consortium

Our ongoing partnership with Caritas Australia extended to working with the CAN DO consortium over the past year. The work has focused on the consortium establishment and learning processes, remaining independent of AHP processes and activations

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