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Who we are

Humanitarian Advisory Group is an Australian-based social enterprise founded in 2012 to elevate the profile of humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific. We provide a unique space for thinking, research, technical advice, evaluations and training that can positively contribute to excellence in humanitarian practice.

Our goal is excellence in humanitarian practice. Between us, we’ve spent over 30 years designing and implementing humanitarian programmes in more than 20 countries around the globe. Based on this experience, we founded Humanitarian Advisory Group in 2012 to elevate the profile of humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific.

Our business

We practise ethical consulting. Created as a social enterprise, we’ve adopted a business model that invests in knowledge-building and collaboration in our region. Humanitarian Advisory Group is B Corp certified.

As we grow, the sector grows. To date, we’ve invested in everything from independent research, to thematic consultations and speaker events, supporting women in humanitarian leadership and emerging practitioners to gain skills and experience in the sector.

We believe that networks and strong relationships are key to improving practice and we enjoy supporting linkages and sharing learning and resources that make humanitarians in the region collectively stronger.

Humanitarian Advisory Group staff are members of the International Association for Professionals in Humanitarian Action and Assistance (PHAP).

Annual Report

The first HAG annual report represents an important milestone in our journey. It shows how our organisation is coming together and gives
clarity to the story we want to tell.

Thank you for travelling with us! We hope you enjoy reading about our last year.

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HAG (n).  From ‘hægtesse’, a wise female orator, a figure generally feared and respected.

                From ‘hegge’, a foot in two realities – the world of the village (home) and the wild world beyond.

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