Strategy for Change: not just another agenda

By Hannah Blackney Hot-topics like “diversity of thought” and “equality” seem to have become CEO headlines and policy fodder that allow major players to talk a big diversity game. But are organisations looking, sounding, or walking any differently? We all seem to...

Humanitarian Summer Reading: third edition

As we enter the festive season, it’s time to reflect on the year that was – and it was a very good year indeed. We published our first independently funded think pieces – something we had dreamed about when starting HAG – a way to put leading-edge ideas into the...

Australia’s drought: the disaster at our doorstep

Blog and photos by Eliza Clayton, intern at Humanitarian Advisory Group As you stand in your local supermarket, you consider which loaf of bread you should buy. In one hand you have multigrain and in the other hand you have wholemeal. But there are so many other...

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