Blockchain for social impact in aid and development

A guest blog by Tissa Riani, Research Fellow at The Development CAFÉ Blockchain technology is increasingly being used in humanitarian response around the world with humanitarian agencies, including the United Nations (UN), beginning to use this technology. Blockchain...

Women’s Voice in Humanitarian Media. No Surprises.

Today is International Women’s Day, hashtag #PressforProgress. To be able to press for progress, we need data. Humanitarian Advisory Group is collecting data to understand where women are at in the humanitarian sector. We have collected the data on women in...

Humanitarian Summer Reading

Welcome to our second edition of Humanitarian Summer Reading – we hope you enjoy it! As we close the year and prepare for holidays, we are reflecting on the year that was. This year was big. We turned five, celebrating our journey to where we are now –...

My journey to HAG: a personal reflection

By Linda Kenni, Regional Associate at Humanitarian Advisory Group.  “I did not expect to get this far, with HAG. It was just the usual, find a short contract, do all the things required, get paid a sum of money that may get things or do things on your wish...

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