Hag-iversary: the good, the bad and the ugly

By Kate Sutton, Director and Co-Founder of Humanitarian Advisory Group This blog is part of HAG’s 5th birthday series. To see our story, check out our 5-year timeline. Five years on and we have had roaring successes and tremendous failures. But we are still standing...

Women, peace and countering violent extremism

By Pip Henty, Humanitarian Advisory Group Last week, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced Australia’s new framework, Development Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism. The framework outlines how development assistance will be delivered to counter violent...

Trump Presidency and Women: Shake Up or Shameful?

  By Kate Sutton and Ayla Black, Humanitarian Advisory Group   As a business we have a strong interest and focus on women in leadership. Donald Trump’s election, and inauguration today, as President of the United States, raises innumerable questions and...

Humanitarian Summer Reading

Welcome to our first edition of Humanitarian Summer Reading – we hope you enjoy it!   As we close the year and prepare for the holidays, we’ve been reflecting on the past year. 2016 has seen some big developments for Humanitarian Advisory Group. In...

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