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How we do it

Elevating local leadership

We have committed to elevating local leadership across all of our work. We believe that a true partnership can only exist between equals, each learning from and supporting the other.

Malaysia, Photography by Ashley Clements

What we’re working towards

The work we do draws on the expertise, creativity and generosity of our national consultants, local partners and regional advisors.

Our goal is to use our platform and networks to amplify the voices and knowledge of the local and national organisations. We see our role as elevating, accompanying and supporting the growth and priorities of humanitarian local, national and regional actors as they work in their own communities.

We want to walk the talk when it comes to money. At the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, humanitarian agencies and donors committed to increasing funding to local and national actors.

We’ve made this commitment too. We aim to achieve a financial transfer of 25% of our gross annual income directly to national consultants, local partners and regional advisors. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re working on it. You can see our progress in our 2019-20 annual report.

Working with local and national partners

We aim to support localisation principles in our partnerships and to support local organisations, networks and consultants in the countries where we work.


This is a learning journey. We are continually trying to strengthen how we do this and draw on the feedback and wisdom of our partners in doing so.

We’ve invested in jointly developing partnership principles, committed to always covering administration or management fees, flexible funding, joint partnership review processes, independent local and national partnership brokers, and supporting our partner’s priorities and visibility where we have influence.

Meet Our Partners

Building equitable and trusted relationships with our partners is a key priority for us.

Our key partnerships with national organisations throughout Asia and the Pacific bring a wealth of local knowledge to our research.