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How we do it

Investing in our sector

We independently invest our time and resources back into the humanitarian sector where they are most needed and most valuable.

Australia, Photography by Greta Carroll

Investing in our sector

Investing our time and expertise back into our sector is super important to us.

Aligning with our social purpose commitments, we invest our time and expertise into supporting our sector. This includes research, events, mentoring, education and training, supporting local partners, promoting ethical business practices and responding generously, from a position of ‘yes’ to the requests of our peers.

Thinking the thoughts (and sharing them)

We believe in critically exploring the assumptions and ways of working that drive the humanitarian sector.

Honesty, bravery and evidence are key in this endeavour. Independently funded and future-focused think pieces and contributions allow us to pose questions to the sector, and on behalf of the sector, being propositional, challenging the status quo, and promoting progress on topical issues.


Being vocal and our Off the Record series

Speaking to our expertise on humanitarian platforms, podcasts and publications.

Our Off the Record: Candid Conversations with Humanitarians series features speakers with interesting insights on topical humanitarian issues or contexts. We ask them the tough questions, and invite the sector to do the same.

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Myanmar, Photography by Greta Carroll
Myanmar, Photography by Greta Carroll

Pro bono support during the COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we came together as a team to map out how we could support the sector.

We endeavoured to reach out to our peers and offer what we could. This included:

  • Pro bono support to the sector: AUD15,426 in pro bono support to 12 partners (including Australian-based NGOs, national partners, UN agencies and universities)
  • Financial support: Donated AUD2,000 to Kinfolk, and purchased AUD1,200 of gifts from Sisterworks to help keep their businesses going during the crisis.
  • Influencing practice: Launched an independent think piece In case of Emergency – L3 response in the era of COVID-19, which influenced dialogue and practice across the sector.

Coffees and conversations

We are always up for a chat with anyone in need of a fresh perspective or who we can learn from.

From big picture issues, to career ideas or acting as a sounding board, we will always make time to have a conversation over a cup of coffee (or any other beverage). If you’ve got an interesting idea, we want to hear it.

The Philippines, Photography by Robert Wagner