Industry Engagement Program

Panel speakers at the Response to Tropical Cyclone Winston Professional Practice Seminar, May 2016

Humanitarian Advisory Group co-facilitates an industry engagement events program with the Master of Development Studies program at the University of Melbourne, including a professional practice seminar series, workshops and career events.

Previous events include a workshop on the challenges and opportunities offered by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the response to Tropical Cyclone Winston, the impact of the Trump Administration of aid and development, the rise of technology in development, private sector engagement in development and career development for students. Previous events include speakers from a range of government, non-government and private sector organisations including the following: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), University of Melbourne, Australian Greens, Australian Defence Force (ADF), UN OCHA, Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT), Australian Red Cross, Cardno Emerging Markets, World Vision, Plan, Oxfam, Save the Children, Manchester University, International Planed Parenthood Federation and RedR Australia.

Read the SDGs Workshop Outcomes document here

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Previous events

Industry Engagement Day May 2016


Private Sector Engagement in Development, October 2015


The Promise and Pitfalls of Technology for Global Development

The Response to Tropical Cyclone Winston, May 2016


Trumping Development, August 2017


Sustainable Development Goals Workshop, March 2016


Industry Engagement Day, September 2017


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