Our story

Conceived over coffee and animated conversation in 2012, HAG began as an experiment – one designed to determine if humanitarian passion could be combined with entrepreneurial agility and innovation.

Our long experience in the humanitarian sector meant we knew the challenges and recognised the potential. We wanted to move away from working within the assumptions of the aid business to challenging the status quo. HAG was created to ask (and answer) hard questions, explore contentious issues and support hard-working teams to improve humanitarian action with new perspectives and networks.

HAG evolved with purpose.

We found our feet as a social enterprise and achieved B-Corp certification – demonstrating that our contributions to the sector are ethical, authentic and meaningful.

We experienced the ups and downs typical of small businesses.

We have learned that dreams become a reality whilst you are so busy that you don’t notice until you look back.

Today, HAG is a team of courageous, principled, results-focused (and yes, still idealistic)  thinkers and doers who still believe that humanitarianism is one of the most sacred ‘isms’ in the world.

We want to bring fresh thinking to challenge the status quo of humanitarian aid. We want to be part of a story that tracks humanitarian action from its current conundrum, humanitarian need outstripping the capacity and agility of the sector, to one that realises its future potential – a sector that challenges power structures and transforms the way that people are treated in crisis around the world.

Our role in that story is to ask and answer tough questions,  provide evidence for transformative action, and connect people and ideas.


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