Our values

The way we work is everything. Values drive our work decisions and behaviours.
We believe that it is possible to be both likeable and effective, and strive every day to live that truth.

We are proud to be: 

Brave. The humanitarian world has many contentious issues. We explore them bravely and authentically because we believe the best solutions lie in the art of an honest and evidence-based debate.

Continuously enabling. We believe in giving generously of our ideas, energy, time and networks. We start from a position of ‘yes’.

Ridiculously flexible. We understand that life and work don’t run to schedule. We support each other and our partners through changing deadlines, competing priorities and evolving goals to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Unfailingly curious. We constantly test our own assumptions and those of the humanitarian world. We explore both the why and the how. We are eager to listen and learn, recognising that knowledge and wisdom often comes from unexpected places.

Ethical. Boundaries can get blurred. We want ours to be crystal clear and we want to be held accountable. We work with B Corps and adhere to ethical standards so we can hold our heads high and have confidence in our practices.

Living our values

Working within a social enterprise business model means that we embrace different ways of working.

We engage in ethical consulting and research practices, guided by our certification as a B-Corp and the standards and memberships we uphold.

We work with national consultants on projects in countries other than our own. This enhances the quality of our work and provides rich cross-consultant learning.

We promote women in humanitarian action, encouraging them to take the lead in addressing the major humanitarian issues of our time.

In 2016, HAG was very proud to receive B-Corp certification.

Supporting emerging practitioners is a priority for us, and a way of working.

We seek to engage national consultants for all our projects that involve in-country work.

We are proud to promote and support women in humanitarian leadership.

Humanitarian Advisory Group
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