Our values

Working within a social enterprise business model, we believe in three core approaches.

Firstly, doing business with integrity. Any business can choose to work in a way that brings positive benefits to the society they live and work in. Businesses makes choices every day. Whether to pay extra for a sustainable product and whether to support women or minority groups in the workplace. How we work matters. We work with integrity.

Secondly, using profits for social good. Profits can be used to drive positive social change and to have a positive and substantive impact on the world. We choose to engage in pro bono work and invest a percentage of profits into charities or ethical investments. Read our think piece on social enterprises in the humanitarian space.

Thirdly, engaging ethically. Businesses can hold themselves to ethical standards, whilst learning from, and considering the value of, business approaches. Humanitarian Advisory Group is B Corp certified. We hold ourselves accountable to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.


In 2016, HAG was very proud to receive B Corporation certification.

Emerging practitioners

Supporting emerging practitioners is a priority for us, and a way of working.

National consultants

We seek to engage national consultants or actors for all our projects that involve in-country work.

Promoting women

We are proud to promote and support women in humanitarian leadership as a central component of our values.

In a recent podcast with Doug Abdiel, Beth Eggleston, Director of the Humanitarian Advisory Group, shares how she tries to help everyone recognise their shared humanity and deeply listen to each other about the solutions for the way ahead.

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