Humanitarian Advisory Group has three main research streams.

  • Our Humanitarian Horizons research program is a multi-year program focused on the issues and challenges impacting our region in real-time.
  • Our independent research stream investigates global and emerging themes using our profit and networks to contribute independent voice.
  • Our commissioned research responds to the individual needs and questions of clients and partners.

Humanitarian Horizons Research Programme

Launched in 2017, the Humanitarian Horizons Research Programme, supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was established to both inform and elevate the profile of humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific.

Latest Humanitarian Horizons publications 

Localisation in Tonga: Demonstrating change

Lokalisaisen Lo Vanuatu

Localisation in Vanuatu: Demonstrating change

Drawing on our Diversity: Humanitarian Leadership 

Tracking Progress on Localisation: A Pacific Perspective

Taking Sexual and Gender Minorities Out of the Too-Hard Basket

When the Rubber Hits the Road: Local Leadership in the First 100 Days of the Rohingya Crisis Response (Bangla)

When the Rubber Hits the Road: Local Leadership in the First 100 Days of the Rohingya Crisis Response (English)

2017-2018 Programme

  • Establishment of a Research Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Scoping research priorities for three-year program
  • Research Project 1: Localising humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific
  • Research Project 2: Diverse humanitarian leadership
  • Practice Paper 1: Local leadership in the Rohingya response
  • Practice Paper 2: LGBTIQ+ inclusion in humanitarian response
  • Development of communications and engagement strategy

Research Advisory Committee

The research program is informed and shaped by strategic advice from key stakeholders in the region. The Research Advisory Committee consists of members comprising of a private sector representatives, academics and peak body representatives. The role of the Research Advisory Committee is to provide strategic advice for the research program and inform research priorities, processes and findings.

Scoping report on research priorities in the region

The first phase of the research involved mapping out the research priorities for the region to shape a more comprehensive three-year program. The scoping process involved consultation with key research partners and other regional and global stakeholders. Humanitarian actors in Asia and the Pacific were invited to rank our research ideas by their practicality for informing their work, and encouraged to suggest completely new ideas.

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