Promoting women in humanitarian action

At HAG we are proud to promote and support women in humanitarian leadership as a central component of our values. Supporting women in leadership is at the heart of our business model and the work that we do.

Women in humanitarian leadership

So what does supporting women in leadership look like in practice for HAG?

  • We are a women-founded business with two female directors
  • We provide working practices that go beyond flexibility; we are adaptable to people’s personal circumstances to encourage women and men to remain engaged in the workplace
  • We are committed to supporting women in humanitarian action and actively promote the importance of women in humanitarian leadership through blogs, think pieces and research
  • We strive to promote gender-aware practice – for example, ensuring gender-balanced participation in events and panels
  • We have researched the behavioural science of women in the workplace and have adapted our business to reflect this knowledge
  • We continually seek to identify and support brilliant women to strengthen their confidence in the workplace

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