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What we do

Facilitate & learn

We support learning across the humanitarian sector through our training, facilitation and teaching.

Myanmar, Photography by Greta Carroll

Our Approach

We deliver training courses for a range of for-profit and non-profit organisations in order to strengthen capacity to prepare for, and respond effectively to, humanitarian emergencies. We adapt our trainings to deliver a bespoke, tailored experience for participants to ensure organisations and individuals are better equipped to respond effectively to the situations they deal with on a regular basis.

Supporting organisations to learn from past and plan for future responses through facilitation of workshops, meetings and reflection events is also core to our work as enablers. This includes regional and global events, organisational strategy and development sessions, and in particular expertise areas such as civil-military coordination and protection. We also regularly teach in university degree courses at institutions such as RMIT University, Deakin University, La Trobe University, the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

We regularly facilitate online forums, webinars, and presentations and have been featured in a range of podcast series including Good Will Hunters, Unforgiving 60 and How Do We Make It Better?

Open and honest communication

Whether it be within an organisation, between students or across different parts of the humanitarian system, clear communication is key to our ability to cooperate, coordinate and improve. We believe in establishing an environment of open conversation and sharing, and seek to guide and encourage by example.

Being actively inclusive

We understand that open and honest communication is both essential and sometimes tricky. We believe in equality of voice, and that everyone must feel safe and included in order to have the best, most productive discussions, and learning environment as possible.

Sharing our insights

All the work we do at HAG is driven by our values – including our commitment to being continuously enabling. We believe in giving generously our ideas, energy, time and networks when we teach, facilitate or train. We start from a position of ‘yes’.


Our recent work

Recent projects include humanitarian protection training for International Medical Corps; design and delivery of training on international humanitarian protection for Australian Red Cross; regular facilitation for the Church Agency Network Disaster Operations (CAN DO) team; and development and delivery of a module on human security for La Trobe University.

We have also developed and delivered bespoke training for the Australian Defence Force on how to work with the international humanitarian system and civil-military coordination.

HAG sector meeting

Project profile

Name: Protection Mainstreaming Training Pack 

Organisation: Global Protection Cluster

Humanitarian Advisory Group has worked with the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) providing subject matter expertise, training material development and facilitation skills to support the GPC mission. Humanitarian Advisory Group led on the development of a training manual that was rolled out across multiple countries and has subsequently been translated into French, Spanish and Arabic.

We co-led the training of trainers to develop a cadre of trainers that were able to support the roll out process. Humanitarian Advisory Group was also invited to facilitate the GPC Annual Retreat in Geneva that brought together representatives from over 35 countries to share learning and experiences of protection response operations in countries including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. We are proud to have supported the GPC to achieve its stated mission ‘to improve the predictability, leadership, effectiveness and accountability of response operations’.