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Idha Kurniasih

Researcher | Challenger | Zestful

Idha Kurniasih has experienced more than ten years working in the field of humanitarians. She spent the first eight years working as the coordinator for Indonesia’s National Cluster of Displacement and Protection and staff at the Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs. Over the last two years, she has worked as an independent consultant of various projects with IFRC, IOM, and UNICEF to localise thematic humanitarian sectors such as child protection, shelter, camp coordination and management, and adaptive social protection. Her works including research, developing guidelines, policy review, capacity strengthening and stakeholders mapping.

Idha received an Australian Award Scholarship for a Master’s degree in Development Studies from The University of Melbourne and a Short Term Award for Humanitarian Action. Her biggest passion is contributing an alternative way of thinking and shifting the paradigm in humanitarian perspective towards a more equitable partnership and a people-centered approach to improving humanitarian assistance.

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