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Who we are

Our social purpose

HAG is a purpose-driven social enterprise – and our purpose is to challenge the status quo in the humanitarian sector. We believe in leading by example.

Australia, Photography by Greta Carroll


HAG staff with B-Corp and Social Traders logos

The way we work is everything. Our values drive our work decisions and behaviours. That’s why we operate as a social enterprise and ensure that our business approach creates as much good as our client work.

That’s also why independently supporting the humanitarian sector and its emerging practitioners by giving generously of our time and resources is a core part of our identity.


We independently invest our time and resources back into the humanitarian sector where they are most needed and most valuable.

We aim to enable the sector to progress, and to be of service in the ways we can most effectively give back to an industry that means so much to us.

We invest our time into humanitarians, which includes research, events, mentoring, education and training, supporting local partners, promoting ethical business practices and responding generously, from a position of ‘yes’, to the requests of our peers.

The Philippines, Photography by Robert Wagner

Internships, mentoring and more

Our longest standing and most important partnerships have been working alongside us across some of our flagship projects for years now. 

While we’re always seeking new partnerships with amazing, like-minded organisations, here we’d like to tell you a bit about those who have been instrumental in shaping the way we conduct partnerships, and the way we work.

The Philippines, Photography by Robert Wagner