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Our commitment to protecting those we work with

We are committing to upholding best practices and ethical principles in all of our work, which involves working with vulnerable and marginalised people.

Our safeguarding policies outline our approach to Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment (PSEAH), child protection and complaints procedure. Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) is also committed to preventing fraud of any kind in our work or our partners.

Our Code of Conduct

The Way We Roll is our Code of Conduct for HAG staff, interns and partners. It provides an ethical framework and a guide to what we expect from each other.  By signing The Way We Roll, staff are on-board and committed to HAG’s values and to hold themselves, and where relevant our partner organisations, to the highest of ethical standards.

At HAG, the way we do things is just as important as what we do. We aim to pioneer a special type of organisational culture – a uniquely high-performing team of staff and partners that are honest, respectful and upfront. The Way We Roll is aspirational, not punitive – we want our team and partners to aim high and make our business the best possible place to work. That being said, we won’t tolerate behaviour that puts others at risk.

We have appropriate safeguards in place to support the team in upholding our values, informing our decisions and taking action when required.

Fraud Policy

We take a zero-tolerance stance towards any kind of fraud to gain and unfair and/or illegal advantage in any of our work, or the work of our partners. Our Fraud Policy outlines the procedures and strategies in place to deal with any allegations or instances of fraud within the business.

You can view our Fraud Policy here.

PSEAH Policy

HAG’s PSEAH Policy outlines our commitment to preventing harassment, abuse or sexual exploitation of any kind. HAG recognises the power imbalances that exist within the humanitarian and international aid sectors and is committed to providing a safe environment for all staff, partners, clients and communities where we work.

You can view our PSEAH Policy here.

Child Protection Policy

Humanitarian Advisory Group believes in the right of all children to live free from any form of violence, exploitation, abuse or neglect. We are committed to ensuring that our people and activities do not harm children, and that we promote a protective environment for children in our research and in delivery of service. HAG has a zero tolerance approach towards abuse or child exploitation, as outlined in our Child Protection Policy. All HAG staff are required to undergo a Working with Children Check, which is renewed regularly.

You can view our Child Protection Policy here.

Complaints Procedure

If you would like to raise a confidential concern or complaint regarding HAG’s work or employee(s), you can contact the Compliance Focal Point by emailing We will aim to respond within 24 hours.

You can also get in touch with us here.