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Humanitarian Horizons

Real Time Analysis and Influence

While there is a strong current of questioning and self-reflexivity in the humanitarian sector, there remains significant and perpetual challenges in translating research into practice.

Australia, Photography by Greta Carroll

Stream Overview

This stream aims to produce analysis that is robust, rigorous and yet timely enough to contribute to decision-making as it takes place through practice papers focusing on responses or thematic issues.

Through critical thinking and creating real time evidence, this stream will stimulate discussion and inform practice in the context of humanitarian response, including conflict and disaster response operations and other practices of operational agencies such as fundraising, advocacy, or standards-setting.

The stream focuses on the Indo-Pacific region, particularly in relation to rapid assessments of response operations. It aims to amplify and elevate local voices and evidence, to inform and influence global humanitarian sector debate and reform. Research topics will be based on the opportunity to influence key decision-making processes in the sector in a relevant and timely way

Relevant and timely research for practitioners

Producing research that informs conversations, decisions and actions as they unfold is critical.

This stream focuses on short, digestible analyses and evidence emerging from humanitarian responses, as well as emerging topical or thematic issues relevant to the sector. This stream aims to work with humanitarian practitioners from international and local organisations to understand how practice is evolving in real time, and what evidence is needed to shape more effective decision-making.

Research questions

Research in this stream will be guided by the following questions:

  • What are the opportunities for rapid assessments to inform humanitarian operations in real time?
  • What needs does the sector have in analysing and reacting to emerging issues and debates?
Iraqi Kurdistan, Photography by Greta Carroll

Practice papers

Practice papers are one of the key products in this stream.

They are used to engage humanitarian actors that are motivated to learn from research insights and engage in conversations to improve practice but are often busy and overworked. Practice Papers focus on real time and relevant issues and produce analysis that is robust and rigorous and yet short and digestible. We also focus on papers contributing in a timely way to live discussions or decision-making.


Practice Papers provide ideas for further exploration, generate conversations for change and insights into important thematic areas. Whilst Practice Papers are not academic research products, they aim to achieve balanced presentation of knowledge and evidence through triangulation of emerging findings, peer review by in country colleagues and transparency of methodology and potential limitations.

Regional relevance

In keeping with our  goal of informing practice, the stream will focus on the Indo-Pacific region.  It will amplify and elevate Indo-Pacific voices and evidence, to inform and influence global humanitarian sector debate and reform.

We will work with partners to identify priority papers for translation into languages other than English to ensure research is accessible to regional participants and affected communities. This will also support greater impact for the research among local and national stakeholders.

Australia, Photography by Greta Carroll