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Beyond Barriers: Behaviours to enable a more Resilient Pacific

The agenda for more resilient communities has long dominated conversations, strategies, policies and actions across the Pacific region. Key national, regional and international stakeholders, from government to practitioners to civil society, have driven the growing momentum and urgency in the region to respond to increasing climate and disaster risk. However, despite significant progress in the region, persistent challenges remain, leaving Pacific communities increasingly exposed and vulnerable to compound risks from climate change and a range of hazards. This research paper contributes to the agenda for a more resilient Pacific by recognising the need for actors across the region to support more integrated approaches to foster resilient Pacific communities.

This report is evidenced by findings from research conducted between 2020 and 2022 by Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) in partnership with World Vision Australia and the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP). Insights and principles from behavioural science were applied to evidence from this research to develop the vision for resilient communities and a practical framework for agencies to help drive real change.