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Closing the Loop: 2023 Vanuatu Dual Cyclone Emergency (March 2023)

Research and resources for humanitarian response in real time

Research and resources to guide humanitarian response are not always at our fingertips at the moment we need them most – when a crisis hits. Working with our partners, we want to support the sector with at-a-glance information and links that can play a small part in ‘closing the loop’ between research and practice in real time.


Vanuatu has been impacted by two category four Tropical Cyclones (TC), and two earthquakes of 6.6 and 5.4 magnitude.

Approximately 80% of the population or 251,319 people have been impacted. About half of these or 125,500 are children.

Running water is not available in the main affected areas and rivers have been contaminated by debris.

Hospitals and other medical facilities have been damaged affecting the availability of medical supplies and access to medical care.

Electricity and communications systems have been severely damaged by winds and floodwater.

Farmers have reported major damage to crops which is likely to cause long-term food shortages.