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Independent Mid-Term Review of the Humanitarian Horizons Program 2018-2021


This summary report presents findings from the independent Mid Term Review (MTR) of the Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) Humanitarian Horizons 2018-2021 Research Program. Humanitarian Horizons is HAG’s three-year strategic research program funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The MTR was conducted between November- December 2020 by Fiji based development consultants Iris Low and Leaine Robinson from CoLAB consultants.

This MTR is focused on assessing the extent of progress in implementation of the Research Program as of October 2020. It presents recommendations for improvements in the current program as well as future activities. Findings from the assessment have already been used to inform and strengthen the design of HAG’s next multi-year research programme: Humanitarian Horizons Research Program 2021-2024.

This report also includes a management response from HAG on how the recommendations have been integrated into the current program and the design of the future programme.