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Measuring Humanitarian Localisation in Yemen: Baseline Report

This report considers progress on localisation in Yemen, measuring it across seven pillars: Partnerships, Funding, Capacity Strengthening, Coordination and Complementarity, Policy Influence, Leadership, and Participation. The Measurement Localisation – Framework and Tools developed by Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) and Pacific Islands Association of Non- Governmental Organisations (PIANGO) was utilised and contextualised for the country and crisis in Yemen. Using a mixed-methodology approach including self-assessments, key informant interviews, and focus group discussions the report was able to capture both qualitative and quantitative information. Moreover, the report relies also on various documents and reports analysing the humanitarian situation and response in Yemen, including the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation of the Yemen Crisis, The Yemen Humanitarian Forum Annual Report, The World Bank Report, Yemen Civil Society Organisations in Transition, Ministry of Planning Report, and many other publications collected in the desk research phase.

View this report on the ICVA website here.