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Measuring Women’s Leadership in COVID-19 Responses in Bangladesh


This study examined the extent of women’s leadership in responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. Across the world, the pandemic has amplified challenges facing women and girls. It is continuing to unfold and its effects will be felt for many years. There is therefore an opportunity to learn from the experiences of 2020-21 to inform ongoing responses and reforms. Overall, the research found there are significant opportunities to enhance and promote women’s leadership and participation in COVID-19 responses in Bangladesh. Whilst there were some good practices, particularly related to participation at the community level and efforts to support and elevate women’s voices, achievements were not consistent. Opportunities to bolster support to women and women’s rights organisations (WROs) include: increasing targeted and relevant capacity support, increasing funding to adequate levels, and engaging in equitable partnerships that enable women and WROs to lead and participate.