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Pamela Combinido

leader | collaborator | challenger

Pamela Combinido is a researcher based in the Philippines with eight years of experience in applied social research. She has worked with Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) on several projects including localisation, civil-military coordination, and an evaluation on surge capacity in the Philippines. In 2020, Pam co-led the in-country stakeholder management and data collection of the Diverse and Inclusive Leadership research in the Philippines as well as co-authored the report and guidance note that were published from the research.

Pam is passionate about accountability to affected populations and using research to facilitate linkages and learning between different stakeholders. Her previous research includes accountability to affected populations during the Typhoon Haiyan response; the impact of humanitarian technologies in post-disaster; and understanding the power relations in the sector and how it affects local humanitarian workers. She has also authored a piece that looked at emerging humanitarian issues in South East Asia in 2020.

Pam has operational experience working with humanitarian organisations — World Vision Development Foundation and Plan International Philippines – as Research Specialist and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer respectively.

Pam earned her master’s and bachelor’s degree in sociology from University of Cambridge and University of the Philippines respectively. She was also a recipient of the British Government’s Chevening Scholarship in 2018.

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