Promoting excellence in humanitarian action

Humanitarian Advisory Group brings fresh thinking to challenge the status quo of humanitarian aid. As an ethically driven business, we combine humanitarian passion with entrepreneurial agility to think and do things differently.

HAG (n). 

From ‘hægtesse’, a wise female orator, a figure generally feared and respected.

From ‘hegge’, a foot in two realities – the world of the village (home) and the wild world beyond.

Humanitarian Advisory Group is an ethically driven business that combines humanitarian passion with entrepreneurial agility and innovation. We are courageous, principled and results-focused thinkers and doers who still believe that humanitarianism is one of the most sacred ‘isms’ in the world.

How we work

  • Research and reflect
  • Connect and collaborate
  • Train and facilitate
  • Guide and advise

Latest publications

Charting the New Norm? Local Leadership in the First 100 Days of the Sulawesi Earthquake Response

Memetakan Norma Baru? Kepemimpinan Lokal Pada 100 Hari Pertama Dalam Tanggap Darurat Gempabumi Di Sulawesi

Protecting People in Locally Led Disaster Response

Localisation in Vanuatu: Demonstrating Change

“Conceived over coffee and animated conversation in 2012, HAG began as an experiment – one designed to determine if humanitarian passion could be combined with entrepreneurial agility and innovation.”


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