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Humanitarian Horizons

Governance, Accountability and Learning

We are committed to upholding best practice and sector standards in our research program.

Myanmar, Photography by Greta Carroll

Stream overview

Humanitarian Horizons 2021–24 will be guided and supported by robust mechanisms and processes for governance and accountability, drawing lessons and experience from the 2018–21 program.

The 2021–24 program includes a dedicated governance stream for learning, sharing and accountability. This aims to strengthen program advisory mechanisms and accountability to partners, elevate our dissemination and outreach, and support systematic M&E to inform learning and impact

Communicating Our Research

Throughout the Humanitarian Horizons 2021-24 program, effective communication of findings and strategic stakeholder engagement will be critical in order to enhance the visibility, uptake and reach of research and ultimately inform and influence humanitarian policy and practice.

The program communications are informed and contextualised according to the needs and priorities of our research partners, and the contexts in which they work.  Our organisational communications reflect the ongoing commitment to localisation and supporting local partners each step of the way through amplifying their voices, knowledge, and visibility.


Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

In Humanitarian Horizons 2018-21, the RAC brought significant value by supporting program visibility, connection to the sector, and elevating the impact and reach of the research.

An updated RAC will include representatives with diverse backgrounds from the humanitarian, academic and private sectors. National and regional research partners will be invited to participate in the committee on a rotating basis, including where possible national governments and National Disaster Management Offices (NDMO) will be invited to participate or present into the RAC. 

The RAC will comprise core members for the full program term, and associate members who will rotate annually to allow for greater representation of our partners. It will meet twice a year for the duration of the program. 

Tracking Impact and influence

Internal tracking of the impact and influence of Humanitarian Horizons research began during the 2018-21 program. The development of a 2021-24 program MEF enabled the team to take a more structured approach to tracking the reach, use and impact of our research – both at program and stream level.

This process led to a pilot of the approach that was shared with the RAC and the publication of Reach and reality: Tracking the impact of our research, which presents the influence of our research in the first two years of the current Humanitarian Horizons program. 

Myanmar, Photography by Greta Carroll