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How we do it

Supporting emerging practitioners

We believe in supporting the future of humanitarian aid – those emerging practitioners who will be around long after we are gone.

Vanuatu, Photography by Kersom Richard


Supporting emerging practitioners is a priority for us, and a way of working.

Over the last 11 years, we’ve had 49 interns from more than 10 institutions complete a placement with us. We value bringing new and diverse voices to our organisation to encourage fresh thinking. We’ve had interns from all sorts of different backgrounds and contexts including from Sweden, Canada, Kenya, the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Colombia, Indonesia, Poland, China, USA and Japan. We work with interns to help them navigate where their passion lies in humanitarian response and mapping out how to get there.

Our internship program provides opportunities for students engaged in advanced university study to develop their skills in research, training and technical support.  Our interns work on research assistance, write blogs, support HAG and sector events and learn valuable research skills. The areas of focus cover protection in humanitarian crises, diverse leadership in the sector and localisation, just to name a few. We offer experience supporting active projects across the region, training opportunities, career planning and opportunities for networking (plus much more!).

How do you apply?

To join our program, please send to

  • 2-page CV
  • Cover letter outlining how your skills and experience would add value to HAG
  • 2 writing samples (publications, essays, etc.)
  • Details of your university requirements (number of hours required, documentation, etc.)
  • Your preferred start and end dates

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