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Stories for Change: Elevating Global South Experiences in Humanitarian Knowledge Production

This report presents insights from a process that aimed to elevate Global South voices and their experiences in humanitarian evidence and knowledge production. This process highlighted the journey of the participants as humanitarian knowledge and evidence brokers in countries in Asia and the Pacific, and contributes to the change towards an equitable humanitarian knowledge and evidence landscape. It uses stories that highlight both enablers and blockages to Global South actors participating and leading in humanitarian knowledge production: agenda-setting, responding to needs, partnerships, visibility and credibility.

This discussion paper is part of a series of interlinked investigations of the politics of humanitarian knowledge and what changes can help bring about more inclusive and equitable approaches to research, analysis and decision-making.  Working within the Power, People and Local Leadership stream of that program, we examine inequalities embedded in the humanitarian system, the conditions that perpetuate them, and avenues for change. In this series, we turn the lens onto knowledge production, using a range of methods that offer varying ways of conceptualising challenges and opportunities. Read the first paper here: Needles in a Haystack: An Analysis of Global South Roles in Humanitarian Knowledge Production.