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Humanitarian Advisory Group is an Australian-based social enterprise founded in 2012 to elevate the profile of humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific. We provide a unique space for thinking, research, technical advice, evaluations and training that can positively contribute to excellence in humanitarian practice.


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Currently, several countries have operational coalitions or mechanisms for joint appeals for humanitarian response. The majority of these come under a global umbrella organisation, the Emergency Appeals Alliance. Some mechanisms have been operational for over 50 years, whilst others have only been recently established. In recent years, several other countries including Australia, have examined the possibility of establishing joint appeal mechanisms for humanitarian response.


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In October 2017, Humanitarian Advisory Group hosted a Melbourne-based roundtable to examine humanitarian system change and discuss the implications for Australia-based actors as a follow-up event to the Pacific Humanitarian Partnership meeting in Suva, Fiji. Christina Bennett, Head of Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) and Heba Aly, Director of IRIN News shared their global perspectives on the future of the humanitarian action and the underlying need for broader systemic change.


Humanitarian Horizons Research Programme


Launched in 2017, Humanitarian Advisory Group’s Humanitarian Horizons research programme, supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was established to both inform and elevate the profile of humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific.

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My journey to HAG: a personal reflection.

Blog post by Linda Kenni.


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About Us

Humanitarian Advisory Group is an Australian-based social enterprise founded in 2012 to elevate the profile of humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific.

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We provide research, technical advice, evaluation and training services for government, non-government organisations, UN agencies and the private sector that positively contributes to excellence in humanitarian practice.

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Our team offers more than 30 years of combined experience in global humanitarian policy and practice in more than 20 countries around the globe.