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Closing the Loop: Protection of Civilians (Oct 2023)

Research and resources for humanitarian response in real time

Research and resources to guide humanitarian response are not always at our fingertips at the moment we need them most – when a crisis hits. Working with our partners, we want to support the sector with at-a-glance information and links that can play a small part in ‘closing the loop’ between research and practice in real time.


Two billion people – a quarter of humanity – live in places affected by conflict right now. As these conflicts play out, there has been distinctive disregard for or ignorance of the international laws, principles, and guidelines that are afforded to civilians during armed conflict. For our latest Closing the Loop, we have compiled resources, guidance and tools to help those whose role it is to protect civilians – collectively, we must not fail.

“Civilians have suffered the deadly effects of armed conflict for too long. It is time we live up to our promise to protect them – the terrible truth is that the world is failing to live up to its commitments to protect civilians; commitments enshrined in international humanitarian law.”

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres