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Josie Flint

Executive | Strategist | Diplomat

Josie has worked in the humanitarian and development sectors specialising in research, policy and strategy, and humanitarian reform over the last nine years. After dipping her toes into the academic and public service areas, Josie became Humanitarian Advisory Group’s (HAG) second staff member in 2015. Since then, Josie has led a diverse portfolio of work for the organisation and has research and evaluation experience across the Indo-Pacific region.

Josie currently provides technical advice, expertise and project management across Humanitarian Advisory Group’s portfolio of client and independent work for donor governments, local and national NGOs, UN agencies and research organisations. She also provides operational management and business advice for the organisation. Josie has co-led the Humanitarian Horizons localisation of humanitarian action research stream, co-authored a localisation measurement framework, country baselines, and been involved in country and global level localisation initiatives.

She enjoys bringing a critical, and constructive lens to humanitarian reform issues. She is a big picture thinker, who enjoys exploring what is both practical, and the potential of what could be possible. She has authored independent think pieces on joint funding mechanisms and PSEA in the Australian context.

Josie is proud to work alongside regional and national consultants and partners working in humanitarian contexts, and to learn from their expertise and wisdom. Josie seeks to embody what it means to be a HAG, with humour and humility! Josie has a Master of Development Studies from the University of Melbourne, and an Honours degree in International Studies from RMIT University.

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