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San May Thu (May)

Researcher | Perceptive | Loyal

San May Thu (May) is a business management professional turned humanitarian and development enthusiast.She began her career in the learning and development industry in Singapore, where she spent five years providing end-to-end solutions, from consulting to implementation and delivery, on learning transformation projects.

After her time in Singapore, May’s passion for the humanitarian and development sector grew, driven by her desire to make a difference. In 2019, she joined the INGO Forum Myanmar, gaining extensive experience in INGO coordination. She worked with local and international actors on issues such as risk-sharing and partnerships approaches, navigating bureaucratic obstacles, and exploring operational modalities in crisis settings. May also contributed to policy analyses in humanitarian partnerships, social impact, strategy implementation, and supporting effective coordination.

May is passionate about turning localisation and partnerships discussions into practice for truly locally-led responses. At HAG, her recent research includes Localisation in Protracted Crises and Fragile Settings.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Singapore Management University and a Graduate Certificate in Development Studies from the University of Sydney.

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